Visualising the built environment.

At City Vision Networks we produce a broad range of visual media to aid the design and understanding of the built environment. Our services include 3d digital context modelling CNC physical modelling, visualisation, public consultation events and bespoke graphic and web design for development projects.

We offer individual services or a complete turnkey solution to help visualise, present and inform both public and professional audiences.

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What we do.

3d Urban Modelling

Through the use of leading-edge photogrammetric technology, we provide accurate 3D editable CAD models of the existing urban environment.

Height Restrictions & Strategic Views

Strategic views can be protected by law. Any proposed development needs to clearly demonstrate compliance. A new building can be inserted into one of our 3D urban models to create an accurate visual representation. Tall buildings can have an impact on strategic views.

Planning Visuals

Our 3D city models range from small sites supporting planning applications to entire cities for masterplanning purposes. These computer representations have proved to be very useful for proposed schemes at pre-application stages and for sensitive sites or where it is important to demonstrate how a new building fits into its surroundings.

Verified Views / Photomontage

Our 3D models can be used to produce views of proposals in in context for verified views of proposals for planning application. In addition our models can be used to accurately camera match proposals into context.

Sun-Shadow Studies

Solar orientation and shading can be determined from our geo-referenced 3D models. By adding a proposed structure into a master 3D site model, indicating the adjoining properties, the shadow patterns at various times of the day, and throughout the year, can be illustrated.

3d Physical Modelling

City Vision Networks has the latest in manufacturing technology in order to produce innovative and high quality models, whether as a layout for a whole city or a model of an individual building. Between them, these technologies; CNC machining, laser cutting and engraving, and rapid prototyping, can cover the full spectrum of customer requirements.

Public Consultation

We provide dedicated consultation services which are involving and informative. This is achieved through accessible, interactive and auditable presentations which can be used as evidence in planning submissions.

We provide accurate and thorough feedback polls using on the ground and on-line collection. The process is well thought through and the interactive presentations are transparent to the public gaze resulting in positive feedback.

Our consultation services include:

  • Public consultation exhibition events/stands with specific tailoring for families, young people, community groups, etc.
  • Consultation brochures, literature and websites
  • 3D Visualisation and animation displays
  • Consultation PR and media relations
  • Full online and on the ground polling surveys/questionnaires with full analysis


City Vision Networks creates high quality architectural visualisations, animations and innovative marketing and communication solutions for a wide variety of clients, including the property, retail, entertainment and leisure industries.

Our work is created to suit all stages of development from very early conceptual work right through to detailed photo realistic marketing imagery. We can produce visualisations from early sketches or detailed CAD information. This flexible approach ensures that the design process is fluid and informed.

We offer a complete turnkey solution to help visualise, present and inform both public and professional audiences. We produce both print and digital marketing materials, from flyers to brochures, eshots to websites.

We have a rich variety of clients from architects, developers, contractors and investors to Local Authorities.

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